I would like to thank you for your time to learn about my services, and allowing me to share my gifts with you. My intention is to assist others in realizing the true power and potential that lies within them, so they may consciously create a life of prosperity, ease & grace. I have over 20 years experience as a licensed professional in the Health & Beauty industry. However, over the past 13 years, I've shared my intuitive gifts helping heal & uplift those around me serving as a full-time spiritual teacher & holistic, intuitive healer. I enjoy using my unique gifts as a psychic, teacher & healer to assist others in meeting their personal development needs.

My career path began in 1999 as a hairstylist. I was able to travel throughout the U.S. as a salon educator and platform artist at hair shows before being intuitively guided to follow a path of greater purpose. In October of 2010, I enrolled in the massage therapy program at Gwinnett College of Sandy Springs. Graduating with Cum Laude Honors a year later, I received my certification as a licensed massage therapist (LMT) and certified neuromuscular therapist (CNMT). While there, I also received certification for reflexology in the BodySystems Method. I also studied the 5 Elemental Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Trager Mentastics & Bodywork aka "The Trager Approach". 


During this time, I was attuned as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. My lineage can be traced back to Dr. Mikao Usui himself, founder of the holistic healing practice known as Reiki. While completing training as a Reiki Master Teacher, I was ordained as a Reverend through the Universal Life Church in California. I have been humbled in using this title to officiate weddings for close friends, and have attuned several Usui Reiki Practitioners since.

Shortly after, I sought after more unique forms of holistic healing and completed training as a 7 Ray Healer. The 7 Rays are of pure, universal energy; their light frequencies are the expression of Divine Order. My next accomplishment was becoming a Oneness Blessing Giver. A Oneness Blessing, aka "Deeksha", is the transfer of Divine Energy which, over time is designed to bring about the state of Oneness in the recipient. It is not a teaching or concept, but rather an experience that supports all paths or beliefs.

Following my new path as a healer and teacher, I attended and graduated from the Intuitive Development Program, taught by Horizon Center for Intuitive Awareness in 2012. These metaphysical principles are based on the curriculum of the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California to develop psychic abilities and clairvoyance. These teachings are now part of the curriculum for my Intuitive Development Program. By learning to consciously develop our intuitive skills, we can create richer lives for ourselves and those around us.


It was during this time at Horizon Center where I began to assist in the weekly women's meditation. I was eventually given the honors to take over the weekly meditation 9+ years ago, and have been facilitating them ever since. I originally taught them at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, GA being one of their longest running women's circles. I am currently holding the weekly women's meditation every Monday via Patreon.

My most recent accomplishment was attaining my yoga teacher certification in the fall of 2013. This training has deepened my mind-body connection to indescribable levels. It has opened me up to possibilities in mind and body that once seemed impossible. I am forever grateful for every moment of training, and those I shared it with.

Throughout the years I continued to expand my knowledge and wisdom as a student, attending a variety of courses in Breath Work, Women's Health & Sexuality, Priestess Initiations and more. Some of these courses included certifications in Stress, Resilience & Happiness, as well as Thai Yoga Massage & Partner-Assisted Yoga Therapy. With the knowledge and wisdom gained through application of these combined principles, I not only embodied them, but was able to channel them in a way that allows me to be of service to others as a teacher. I feel it is not only my gift to the world, but my duty as well to help uplift, inspire and enlighten. I offer a unique approach to presence and awareness, and am humbly excited to share this experience with you.

I hope we are able to work together soon to start your own journey of pleasure, prosperity and purpose. Be well. ~Kisha Lee