Women's Meditation

Explore the nurturing essence of the Divine Feminine through weekly guided meditations including sound therapy. Receive a "mini" intuitive reading in each class. Honor, balance and harmonize the embodiment of your feminine energy.

Mystic Moon Meditation

Just like The Moon, we too go through phases. Enjoy access to our Mystic Moon Ceremonies which include exclusive Full Moon meditation via Zoom. Complimentary New Moon IG Live meditations are available via @thepsychicyogi. Join us as we dive into the cosmic energies that are currently affecting us with applicable insight, guided sound meditation, Q&A's, promos, reminders, and giveaways!

Astro Reiki

Monthly collective Reiki sessions to assist you in transitioning into a new astrological season. 

Reiki (Ray-key), is an ancient healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is based on the idea that an unseen universal energy flows through us. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is ‘life force energy’. Reiki is “spiritually guided life force energy.” A treatment can feel like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you aligning you with Spirit and your Higher Self. Reiki treats the whole person's mind-body system creating many beneficial effects such as relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

All levels of meditation experience welcome.

For subscription to weekly Women's Meditation, monthly Mystic Moon & Astro Reiki meditations, click here.

Intuitive Development Program 

As a spiritually centered human being, you consciously create your life, what you do and how you show up in the world. By learning to strengthen your intuitive skills, you can create a richer life for yourself and potentially those around you. The 8-month Intuitive Development Certification Program (IDP) assists each student in unveiling their Higher Self through intent, imagination, and guided self exploration while reclaiming their connection to Spirit.


The purpose and intent for these classes is for students to acquire practical, energetic "smart tools" & spiritual skill sets to consciously create an enhanced life experience. No matter what challenge life may present, you are able to work your way through them with efficiency & a greater sense of self-awareness. From this foundation, you can take intuitively inspired action to ultimately achieve your goals, or better!


These classes complement any spiritual ritual/service, holistic healing modality or personal development tools you may currently have or offer. They can also assist how you "show up" on the path that lies ahead. The curriculum is based on the teachings of Berkeley Psychic Institute's Clairvoyant Training Program. All IDP classes are held online via Zoom. Class descriptions are below. You must complete Levels 1 & 2 in order to register for Level 3 Master Classes.

2022 Dates TBA

Level 1: Fundamental Energy Tools       

The purpose & intent of this course is to create a solid foundation of understanding, application & manipulation of subtle energy. This course is designed for those looking to deepen their relationship to Self & the world around them while developing necessary tools for energetic hygiene & spiritual maintenance. The tools learned within each of the four classes in this course can be applied immediately to your daily life.


Students will receive 2-3 techniques, lecture, & guided visualization exercises per class, as well as examples of various ways to use your newly acquired tools, time for Q&A, & sharing of personal stories. Weekly homework is assigned. You may want to keep a journal for note-taking & documentation your experiences & observations throughout this course.


This course will teach the basic building blocks of understanding & harnessing the power of subtle energy as you explore concepts such as:

  • identifying how you receive & interpret communication from your Higher Self and/or Spirit via "the clairs". The word "clair" in French is defined as "clear or having clarity". Intuitively, this is experienced through your extra-sensory perception (ESP), a heightened perception of subtle energy through clair-voyance (sight), clair-cognizance (knowing), clair-audience (hearing), clair-gustance (taste), clair-olfactance (smell), clair-tangence (touch) & clair-sentience/empathy (sensing or gut feelings)

  • grounding your energy as you align your spiritual, mental, emotional & physical bodies by connecting to the life force energy of Earth's Resonance

  • purifying your energy before calling it back to you through your Higher Self

  • defining your aura & space and how to adjust it accordingly

  • programming & protecting your energetic field (aura)

  • circulating Earth & Cosmic energy through your mind-body system & energy centers (chakras) as an easy & efficient self-healing meditation

  • access & activate your "command central" for insight, clarity & aligning with your authentic truths (pineal & talu chakra)

  • how sound therapy frequencies can assist in cellular restoration & healing of dis-ease

  • Law of Attraction technique to gauge your openness in receiving that which you are manifesting, bringing conscious awareness to subconscious blocks & neutralizing them

Cost: $250

Level 2: Next Level Tools 

The second course of this series goes deeper into understanding our "smart tools" & more elaborate ways to use them. Course content includes:

  • holding space for yourself to embody & magnetize your desires to you with more ease

  • how to "sit" in or "put on" an energy/vibration by shifting the frequency of your crown chakra

  • being transparent & objective to external influences

  • releasing imprints, programs, ideals, etc. that no longer serve you

  • recognizing & releasing expectations of others for greater peace & freedom

  • elevating from empathy to conscious compassion

  • more ways to release the energy of others from your space

  • manifesting & holding energetic, supportive space for others

  • creating & clearing space without external resources

  • intuitively reading the energy of another person, place or thing without external divination tools; just You.

Students must have completed IDP Level 1 to register. 

Cost: $250

Level 3: Master Classes

 The contents of this 6-month course includes:

  • Chakra Recalibration

    • learn how to clear & recalibrate the 7 main chakras

    • activate & explore higher chakras 8-12

  • Rose Reading

    • practice giving intuitive readings through guided exercises

    • learn protocol for giving a "Rose Reading" which gives insight to a person's alignment with Spirit & Higher Self, their communication abilities, protection levels, contracts for children this lifetime, and their soul evolution (old soul, new soul, or somewhere in between)

  • Aura Reading

    • develop your skills to do Past Life Readings & interpret the 7 layers of one's aura in Aura Readings

  • Self Healing

    • embrace your ability to consciously (and safely) turn your Kundalini on & off at will

    • gain knowledge of your epigenetic lineage & transmute them into a source of power  

    • give your Astral body aka your "emotional body" a makeover. Your Astral body travels through time and space carrying emotional programs from past lives that can affect your present day experiences. Clearing this regularly releases you from past (life) traumas, vows, decrees, agreements, etc.

    • access & rewrite your Akashic Records (Karmic Records/Book of Life)

    • communicate & receive wisdom from your Karmic Council

  • Healing Others

    • meet your Healing Master & Psychic Surgeon to assist you in to giving energy healings

    • learn protocol for providing aura healing, chakra balancing, cord cutting, & "Power Ring" healings. Power Ring healings clear trance medium energy within one's space & helps ground a person after out-of-body experiences, NDEs (near death experiences) & detachment from the emotional body. A Power Ring healing also clears energetic/psychic debris from the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), CNS (central nervous system) & optical nerve

    • gain confidence & clarity in recognizing then "erasing" energetic parasites/entities

  • The Cathedral of Souls
    • attend "soul bath" sessions to elevate spiritual self care
    • find peace in understanding & clearing karmic ties & agreements
    • access your "life thread" to see what the future holds for you
    • attend lectures, receive healings & wisdom from Ascended Masters while hanging out in the cosmos

To register for Level 3 Master Classes student must have completed prerequisites Levels 1 & 2. These classes will prepare you to learn meditation and spiritual tools to use right away as you begin to build the foundation of your intuitive abilities. These tools truly help you find your inner compass and guide you along your spiritual path. Upon completion of all 8 classes, students receive a "Certificate of Completion" as an Intuitive Development Program (IDP) Graduate, capable of giving energy healings and psychic readings, if desired.

Cost: $250 per individual Master Class