Know Your Roots: Understanding Past Lives

Do you believe in having past lives and reincarnation? For many people, they consider themselves an “old soul” but, if you don’t believe in past lives or reincarnation then, how exactly did your soul become “old”? The look on a person’s face when asked this is amusing to me. Some people insist that an infant or child acts like an old man/woman, perhaps even say they think a recently deceased loved one, is reflected in the behavior of this young relative. Others may say that a young child has “been here before”, and many people believe the soul is eternal, which means “with no beginning or end”. So, on some level of consciousness, are you affirming that past lives and reincarnation are Truth?

Why do you fall back into habits, or ways of being, even through consistent efforts to change and grow? Could past lives be influencing your subconscious mind, preventing you from experiencing your highest potential? I’ve heard others, and have stated myself, that “I must’ve been this or that in a past life”, but could this really be true? From what I’ve experienced as a psychic, the answer is yes.

In women’s meditation this week, the message came forth that your current situation involves past life memories. Your roots upon this planet are strong and deep, and some may have anchored you in the past . Some of these memories are anchored so deeply in fact, that they have paralyzed you in moving forward. In order to move beyond these subconscious limitations, you must uproot and unearth the lessons from them. You must be liberated, so that you can live a more conscious life.

Past lives can affect you on many levels. For example, in a past life you might have been a queen, but led your people into famine, therefore in this life, you may find you have eating disorders. Karmically, you do not feel as if you are deserving of food. I see that many people who are racist now, were of the same race they are currently oppressing in a past life. For example, someone who is white and racist today, may have had multiple past lives as a black slave. When they see black people in present-day society, their subconscious memories are triggered. On some level they hated the hardships of being black in those past lives so much, and are presently acting out misguided anger and hate harbored from all the lives when they may have been a black slave.

I’ve read clients who are black this lifetime, yet in a past life were white slave owners. They may be very “pro-black” in their current life as a means of balancing karma. I’ve found that people can be many different races, societal classes, and the opposite gender in past lives. I’ve noticed individuals claiming to be an old soul are actually a young- or middle aged soul, based on the number of past lives they’ve had. The question is, who are you now, and why are you here? What awareness can you extract from your past lives to assist your evolution now? Anything healed in present-time transcends all time and space, individually and collectively. Only through conscious awareness of who you are, and where you’ve been, can you release the ties holding you back.

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