The Psychic's Psyche

The term "psychic" usually brings to mind images of crystal balls, tarot cards or infomercials, offering answers to one's destiny or future. In actuality, being psychic simply describes someone with a wide range of senses that exceed beyond our five physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. They perceive through their intuition. This phenomena is known as ESP. Extra-sensory perception is defined as ”the ability to receive information outside the normal range of the five known senses”. A psychic uses their intuitive abilities to offer clarity, insight and a greater sense of understanding during a psychic reading. We all have intuition. How a person’s intuition relays information to them is what determines how they are psychic.

People typically associate psychics with being clairvoyant. The prefix “clair”, which begins the description of all psychic abilities means “clear” in French. Clairvoyance is the ability to clearly see images within the mind’s eye. This is the third eye we hear so much about when learning about chakras, energy centers within the body. When the third eye is open, a person can perceive information through visualization. Images or visuals appear on a what looks like a TV or movie screen within the mind, and the psychic is able to interpret what they are seeing. However, there are other channels to receiving intuitive information.

For example, clairaudience is the ability to hear information. It is not hearing with our physical ears, but hearing spiritual or ethereal information with their “inner ear”. Many psychic mediums are clairaudient, as they are able to hear information from those who have passed on. Those who can channel information are also utilizing this gift. It is associated with the throat chakra which governs communication. When a psychic hears information transmitted to them during a reading, and relays this to a client, this is being clairaudient.

Claircognizant is the ability to know. This sense of knowing is not based on education or lessons learned within the physical world, but to know information clearly through intuition. Have you ever knew something without knowing exactly how you knew? In that moment, you were exercising your intuition and your gift of claircognizance. This gift is associated with the crown chakra, your direct connection to your Higher Self and beyond.

Next up, the ability to intuitively sense or feel information. This ability can come across in two different ways know as clairsentience and clairempathy. These spiritual gifts are associated with the sacral and solar plexus energy centers. Those moments when you have a “gut feeling” about something is when you are using your clairsentience. Most people have had this experience at least once in their lifetime. Others exercise and explore these spiritual gifts more consistently, therefore strengthening their capabilities. Clairempathy is the ability to clearly feel the energy of a person, place or thing.

The gift of feeling etheric energy tangibly is called clairtangency. Many healers have this gift, as they are able to feel subtle energy with their hands. They are able to feel blockages and move energy around using their intuitive sense of touch. Other psychics can taste and/or smell energy. The extrasensory gift of smell is know as clairolfactance. Psychics with this gift are able to smell energy, such as illness or detrimental energy in one’s aura. At times, they may also smell fragrances such as roses and other floral scents when angels or deceased loved ones are present. Being able to taste energy is known as clairgustance. Those with this gift are able to taste the etheric flavor of energy, without having anything in their mouth.

So, are you psychic? What are our spiritual gifts? People ask me, "How did you become psychic? When did you awaken?" The intuitive development classes I now teach opened up my gifts almost 10 years ago when I was a just a student of the clairvoyant program. My abilities have been growing stronger ever since. I possess all of the above mentioned psychic abilities, using them daily. Being psychic is simply a way of life for me. I grew up Southern Baptist, but I always felt there was something more in my connection with the Divine. I'm beyond grateful on how much these classes have shifted my life in unexpected, miraculous ways.

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