In the Flow: New Moon in Leo

I’m not sure how this mystical force moving through everything really works at times. But, somehow this indescribable intelligence orchestrates events large and small in my life. Do I intend for them to happen, and something, or someone out there responds? Apparently. Do I always know how it’s going to happen? I mean, I’m a psychic but truthfully, no. Perhaps, in practicing presence, the veils between time and space become so transparent to where things happen synchronistically. Perhaps, in following our intuition a path is created, with a destination soon to be revealed.

Recently, I’ve been inwardly guided to focus on building self confidence, honoring myself as a leader, and having greater presence in the world. I figured being recognized and acknowledged for my talents would be the cure for coming out of darkness (see last post). I wasn’t aware that the recent new moon was moving into the zodiac sun sign of Leo, until I received an email about it days before. This new moon window is July 21-25. After reading what the new moon in Leo was about, let’s just say it’s definitely my time to shine!

A new moon is the first phase of a moon cycle. Spiritually, it is an opportunity to set personal intentions to manifest in your life. The astrological presence of Leo occurs during the months of July 22-August 22. Leo represents the king (or queen) of the jungle, one who rules their own world. It represents passion and self-confidence, a willingness to shine and be seen. Leo can help influence leadership qualities, strength and admiration. Coincidentally, within days surrounding this Leo energy, I’ve had a successful interview with a show producer, I won an award for Top 100 Psychic Blogs and Websites in the world, AND received an opportunity for a podcast interview coming up! Can we say AMAZING!!!!?! This girl over here can!

One thing I can accredit to these creations is my daily use of energy tools. As a teacher, it’s fun to hear stories of how these tools and their metaphysical principles work for my students. It’s also pretty cool that they work for me too, and I have many stories to share, in the process of enlightening others. The events mentioned are just a culmination of smaller, serendipitous moments. I believe it’s important to be clear what you want, yet remain open to how it will show up. Seriously, I had no clue they gave awards for psychics or psychic blogs. I believe it’s okay to have what you want, while remaining open to receiving better. I wanted recognition, and it showed up in the most magical ways. There’s a power that flows through all of us, a power greater than we could possibly imagine. This power speaks to you through your intuition, are you listening?

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