Going Retro in September

A new month is upon us, and with it comes the opportunity for new beginnings. To give birth to a new reality, we must first create the space to receive it. Currently, there are 5 planets in retrograde. For me, this means opportunities for healing and evolving in self-awareness and truth. Many times when the word “retrograde” is uttered Mercury's Mr. Bad Guy, and it's often projected with a fear of chaos and overwhelm. This could be one’s reality during a planet's retrograde (Rx) motion, however when a planet is in retrograde, it simply means it appears to be moving backwards from a vantage point. Technically, it is an illusion and is not here to personally wreak havoc in your life. We are being given a chance to step back and rewrite our life's stories.

Here’s an example of how going retrograde works: You’re driving on the highway and a car speeds past you. Unexpectedly, that same car begins slowing down as you now drive past them. For a moment, it will seem like the faster car is moving backwards, although it actually wasn’t. When embraced as a time to practice self-care, planetary retrogrades can easily serve as a time to reflect, re-prioritize, re-align and integrate. Listed below are the planets currently in retrograde during September 2017, it’s significance, and questions to think about. Keep in mind, the effects of a planet's retrograde may be felt for weeks or even months after it goes direct (moves forward).


Retrograde Period: 8/12/17-9/5/17

The planet Mercury rules technology and communication. During this time, issues with miscommunication, transportation and/or technology can occur. This is not the best time to purchase major items, sign contracts, or start new projects. If so, look at this as a time to tie-up loose ends versus starting anew. This shift in perspective can help lessen the energetic load of any negative situations.

*What loose ends can you “tie-up” to help you move forward in life?

*How can you improve the way you communicate to others, and of yourself?


Retrograde Period: 4/20/17-9/28/17

Pluto rules change and personal transformation. During this time it is good to go deep within, reflecting on how we are doing during any current life changes.

*What can you let go of in order to move forward with more freedom and grace?

*How can you increase your leadership qualities in order to create the life you truly desire?


Retrograde Period: 6/16/17-11/22/17

The dreamy planet of Neptune rules psychic abilities, dreams and intuition. Dreams may become more prevalent, intuitive insight may come through more clearly, and you may find yourself daydreaming more often. Spirituality, inner peace and vision become the focal point during Neptune’s retrograde.

*Take time to visualize your future. Journal, treasure map or create a vision board to increase your focus, and enhance your creative abilities.

*What old beliefs or thought patterns are you willing to release?

*How do you choose to define your relationship with Spirit?

*Are you listening to your intuition? What message does it bring?

*How can you honor your inner wisdom more often?


Retrograde Period:  8/2/17-1/2/18

Self-worth and personal freedom become the focus when Uranus is in retrograde. Deep rooted, karmic and/or psychological fears may surface, giving you an opportunity to heal, and transmute these traumas. Past-life regressions may come-up for further insight into current circumstances and how to move past them. If you haven’t read my Fear & White Supremacy blog post, Uranus in Rx certainly has its influence in creating the US right now.

*What have you been denying yourself? How would it feel to receive it?

*What societal/cultural baggage are you willing to release to embrace total karmic freedom?

*What patterns have you noticed in your life? How would it feel to completely release them?

*What would your life look like if failure wasn’t an option, and success was inevitable? What steps can you make to move in that direction? Notice any resistance that may come up for you.


Retrograde Period: 6/30/17-12/10/18

Chiron, a planetoid aka “minor planet”, is known as the Wounded Healer. This is a period of healing our deepest, darkest wounds. Self-care practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki and massage is advised in order to combat any feelings of self-pity, doubt and insecurities. Trauma from past lives may also come to light for healing. When faced head-on, Chiron in Rx can bring forth some of the most profound experiences of healing.

*What wounds are still in need of healing in your life?

*If you could imagine, what would it feel like to release the memory of a particular trauma?

*How would your life be different if you had total peace?

*Are you willing to let go of victim-hood, to embrace your healing process and how that will show up for you?

Remember, your perspective creates you experience. During retrogrades the universe is asking, “What's not serving you? What do you really want?” Did you know that only an estimated 8% of what you worry about actually manifests? The remaining 92% never even happens! Why use your imagination to worry about potential retrograde negativity, when you could use it to your advantage? It’s costing you the same amount of time.

I’m a firm believer that where attention goes energy flows, and where intention goes energy grows. You have free-will to move through these times of retrospect with fear and anxiety, or you can intend to move through with amusement, ease, and grace. Retrograde periods can bring increased clarity, healing and insights, when one is willing to consciously explore the depths of their soul’s inner wisdom.

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