Energy Report: New Moon in Virgo (Sept. 19th-21st)

As we continue to move through the sign of Virgo until Thursday, September 21, we have an opportunity to utilize a new moon in Virgo, before the sun moves into the peace-loving sign of Libra on the 22nd. This Virgo new moon window Sept. 19th-21st (1:30am Sept. 20th to be exact) serves as a time to tie-up the loose ends of past creations, as well as plant seeds for the future we desire for ourselves, and the greater collective. The sun represents our identity and individuality, while the moon affects how we move subconsciously and/or intuitively. With both the sun and moon in earthy Virgo (the priest/priestess archetype), this is an auspicious time for grounded steps, planning, and consciously creating a better future for all to see and experience.

The priest/priestess archetype can be described in one word: service. This archetype’s main focus is leadership, creating sacred space & rituals, as well as being of service to the spiritual needs of their community. However, as we all have heard, this outer change must begin with ourselves. I know it can be a struggle, but yes, you gotta do the work. See, this is an opportunity to create. Many times when we feel stuck, uncertain and unsure of our future, we are in the middle of a transitional period. We can choose to continue our current cycle by being in fear of the unknown and focusing on what’s not working, or we can create space for better. Instead of focusing on any negative, where you are, what you have/haven’t done, focus on how accomplished you will feel when you begin to master yourself! Focusing on what’s not right keeps you in a cycle of disappointment and despair. Energy goes where attention flows, and energy grows where intention goes.

The High Priest/Priestess archetype of Virgo governs our crown chakra (connection to Source) and our soul's spiritual path and evolution. This archetype leads us into the hidden mysteries of the soul, initiating us on deeper levels by taking us to the next level of our spiritual development. In conjunction with this month’s retrogrades, Virgo can provide us with direct connection to higher realms so that we may be open to receiving divine guidance. How open and willing are you to receiving this? This guidance may come in the form of repetitive thoughts, dreams, intuition, reoccurring number sequences, songs, and more. Have you noticed any of these signs recently? Connecting with the divine through ritual and ceremony are the tools of the Priest or Priestess to direct us into transformation and spiritual growth.

Virgo is also ruled by the element of Earth, representing grounding, fertility, creation, strength, wisdom, abundance and our physical/material world. Positive qualities of alignment with earth energy are: consistency, conscientiousness, perseverance, punctuality, stability, responsibility, care, firmness, reliability, sobriety, ambition, respectfulness, & matter-of-factness. Negative qualities of being misaligned with earth energy results in: stuffiness, superficiality, laziness, indifference, melancholy, moodiness, lack consciousness, irregularity, timidity, and rigidity. Notice what qualities resonate with you. Remember, there’s no judgment only feedback. Are there areas you can improve? How? Earth can help us be patient with ourselves and our process as we take grounded action steps, making practical choices, while bringing our creations into reality.

Earth energy also supports us in caring for our physical world. The new moon in Virgo is one of the best new moons to create and implement a new plan. It is an auspicious time to revisit or finalize contracts such as living wills, contracts, and documents pertaining to your personal life and business, especially since Mercury will be completely out of “retro-shade” on the 19th. With the elemental support of earth, now is a good time to write down your goals, planning action steps to achieve them. Focus on how you can improve in the areas of health, business/finance, home/auto, and being here on purpose. You have permission to be a great, dynamic presence in this world and your Light is needed.

So, what are you choosing to create? What inspires you? Give yourself permission to daydream, ‘make-believe’ and visualize what better looks like for you! Let go of the truths/opinions of others and how “better” should be. In my Intuitive Development classes we call these collective ideals “perfect pictures”. Relinquish how your intentions will show up to Spirit. In order to manifest the life we desire and are truly worthy of, we must first take ownership of our experiences (yep, even the bad ones), then consistently practice leadership skills in creating better for ourselves. Finally, with intent we can use this wisdom to inspire and enlighten others. How will you feel when you change your life for the better, while inspiring others to do the same?

There are many ways to better ourselves and daily life. Below are questions to reflect and contemplate. If it calls to you to journal or create a ritual honoring your sacred space, and this moment, you may do so. Journals are a great way to keep track of your intentions and manifestations.

Virgo New Moon Reflection:

*In what areas of our life can you tie-up loose ends? Are there projects that need to be released, revisited, or completed?

*What platform(s) can you use to bring more light into this world? Are you being your most authentic self on this platform?

*How can you take the reigns of any undesirable circumstance in your life to create better? Are you willing to release self-judgement, shame, guilt or resentment to create space for healing? If not, why? What are you still holding yourself a victim to? What would freedom feel like?

*What priorities need tending to? What needs to be nurtured?

*Are you willing to accept that you are here on purpose? That you are here to assist in the planetary evolution of this world, and all its inhabitants?

*Are you willing to let your purpose and mission this lifetime show up for you in unexpected, serendipitous, miraculous ways?

*Are you willing to be the change in which you seek, now?

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