October's Harvest: I Reap What I Sow

This story began many moons ago, at a place called Horizon Center for Intuitive Awareness. I was in a room, sitting in a circle with my peers and mentors, after being certified in a particular healing modality. While sharing our experiences somehow, within this circle of spiritual aspirants the conversation became heated. I couldn’t understand and I couldn’t take what was happening. I closed my eyes, and tried holding sacred space, but my heart began pounding louder and louder. Finally, the words jumped out my mouth and I yelled, “STOP! STOP! STOP IT!! This is not how we act as spiritual leaders!” The room fell silent. I had lost my composure. My peers, mentors and our instructor looked at me as I cried. I don’t recall much of what succeeded my outburst. I only remember mentioning my desire to teach others ways to discover their own truths, using the tools I had learned, while possibly working part-time at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore next door.

Fast forward several cycles later, I got my opportunity to work at the bookstore! Except, I wasn’t hired as a clerk. I was invited to bring over the women’s meditation I had been gifted to lead after one of my mentors, it’s original host, moved away. I guess there was a hidden purpose in being her assistant. It took a while to build a following after the move, but it grew. During this time I had filled-in for a few Thursday and Saturday meditations. Eventually I became Thursday’s weekly host, as well as solidifying one to two Saturday meditations per month. It wasn’t too long after becoming a staple on the bookstore’s calendar of events when I asked about availability as an in-house psychic.

An employee told me hiring opportunities didn’t happen often for new psychics considering once a psychic gets on board in such an establishment, they typically stay for a while. But, I used my energy tools to create space for me to be there. Some time later, I heard an inner voice whisper, "ask again". I listened to my intuition, asked again and got an interview. My “interview” was giving a psychic reading to the bookstore owner. I was nervous, but then there I was! My picture made the wall of Phoenix & Dragon’s Psychics. My third eye didn't see that coming, and although grateful, I knew within my deepest passion was to teach intuitive development. And so, I asked. They said ‘no’.

I thought “okay, but, I have tools”. I trust my energy tools. They work, even when I’m uncertain of my own power. Long story short, after I was told my class would be in competition with another in-house psychic’s program, I kept using my tools to create more space for myself and what I had to offer. Eventually, I asked again. This time, they said “yes”. Then, I started creating my curriculum, based on the metaphysical teachings of Horizon Center and the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

Last October, I officially started teaching my Intuitive Development Program (IDP), just as Horizon Center called it. Their sign is still on the street, but Horizon is no longer there. My mentors are no longer there but, I am. According to numerology, the number “9” represents leadership, spiritual awakening & one’s soul mission. In numerology, the calendar year flows in nine year cycles. Last year, 2016 was a “9” year (2+0+1+6=9). A 9 year is a time for endings and transitions. I couldn’t believe it. In the final months of a nine year, nine years after shouting at my mentors I wanted to teach these tools and work for Phoenix & Dragon, with nine students in attendance, I taught my first IDP class in the same place I began as a student. I felt as if I had stepped into my truest purpose.

From there, I spent long nights editing and planning coursework, doing inner and outer work. I had a place to teach my level 1 class, but what about levels 2 and 3? The bookstore’s room availability was scarce, so I planted seeds of intent once again. I manifested a location close to it unfortunately, it was at health center with pictures of colon cleansing benefits everywhere. Not the most zen-appeal. At times, someone would walk through class and at last a few other things told me this space was no longer serving me. However, I wasn’t sure how to break my lease agreement. I had two months left, with no prospective students for classes yet which worried me. How would I pay rent? I procrastinated calling the owner, but then one day, I got a text. The owner said she was releasing me from our lease agreement. She knew the environment was not serving me, and found someone to rent the space. All I could say was, “thank you”.

This was great news to me but, wait, what about my classes still? Where were they supposed to be held now? Sigh, I decided to move levels 2 & 3 IDP to the spa I work at when not at the bookstore. But, once again it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I used my tools again. I became clearer in my intention, wanting all 3 levels to be held at the bookstore. After mindfully moving through internal and external blocks, I asked again if they had the space for all 3 levels. This time, they said “yes”.

During this past year I’ve had to push through many things. Many of them coming down to insecurities. Am I really even qualified to teach this stuff? What will students think of me as an instructor? Am I capable of building an online business? How? Well, go figure me and a student in last year’s class started hanging out. Our friendship grew, we’re now besties (although she didn’t wanna be my friend at first lol), but guess what she does for a living? She teaches social media branding, marketing and now, online curriculum development! We barter and trade services because it’s easier. She learns how to be psychic, and I learn technology! I personally think she has the better end of the deal. People are born with intuition, psychics (from what I’ve seen) aren’t necessarily born with tech skills. In fact, I’ve found this is one of our weaknesses but luckily, I manifest exactly who & what I need.

One of those needs this past year was recognition and acknowledgment. Moving out of my comfort zone onto a new path and role, I needed to feel that I mattered, and was on purpose. This was my summer intent as a way of moving through insecurities derived from playing the comparison game on social media, and within my field. Within a few days after declaring my needs to Spirit, I received multiple interview opportunities. I even woke up to an award for Top 100 Psychic Blogs on the web! Who knew they had psychic and blog awards?! I mean, I was being honored amongst world-renowned psychics. Like, really?!

I guess, I would call it a miracle. A miracle would be proper in describing the journey of setting intentions, and reaping a full harvest of what one sows. Another cool part to this story, is that my birthday is in October but I’ve never been one to celebrate it. This year, I decided to change that. And, how serendipitous that this magical bookstore, serving as my new home, celebrates their “birthday” the same month as me? This year, it was on the exact same day, the 14th. Ah, October, the month of harvest. I wonder what next year’s harvest will bring.

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