Energy Report: Sun in Scorpio & Full Moon in Taurus

Here we are, the first few days into a new month as we continue to move deeper into this season of gratitude and reflection. With the sun shining on the emotional waters of Scorpio until November 21st, the earthy sign of Taurus gives us an opportunity to check in with our emotions, and how we relate to ourselves and others in this world. Remember, we still have three planets in retrograde: Neptune (dreams/intuition), Uranus (self worth & freedom), and Chiron (the "Wounded Healer").The full moon in Taurus window is Nov. 3rd-5th, its exact point Nov. 4th at 1:23am. This Taurus full moon sheds light on how we can stay grounded, while magnetizing more beauty, intimacy and pleasure in our lives.

Okay first things first, a full moon is time to metaphorically shed light on your life, illuminating what needs to be seen, bringing darkness to light. It is a great time to implement mindfulness in order to take advantage of the universal assistance that has shown up for you, guiding you as to what needs to be released, and what has been received and filled. Many people notice an energy shift around a full moon, perhaps a little craziness, overwhelm or general intensity, due to the fact that we are influenced by the moon, just as the ocean. This happens because, like the earth, we are also about 70% water. As a woman, you are even more moved by the moon, as the moon and element of water are also considered feminine energies.

Now, Scorpio is a water sign. The element of water in general offers us a chance to cleanse and purify, as well as nurture that which needs to grow. We all know Scorpios can get a bad rap due to their emotional intensity, but they are also naturally intuitive, have a magnetic presence and can utilize their extra-sensory perception (ESP) to connect intimately with those around them. Probably why they are actually some of my fave people; they’re just as crazy and intuitive as me, in some regards. Not only is my sister a Scorpio, my sun sign (the core of who you are) is Libra, but my rising sign (how you present yourself to the world) is Scorpio. So, I may also be a bit biased. Speaking of intuition, during this full moon window, give yourself permission to honor and listen to the wisdom within, allowing you greater ease as you feel your way through any emotional currents. Scorpio is a powerful ally in transformation: the process of life, death, and rebirth. Keep that in mind as you look at your relationships to others, including yourself. Is there something ending you are still trying to hold onto?

Taurus, an earth sign, ushers in practicality, patience, devotion and stability. The energy of Taurus is sensual and tactile, taking pleasure in the offerings of the material world. They take pride in aesthetic appearances, and enjoy being surrounded by love and beauty due to the planetary influence of Venus, Taurus’s ruling planet. Yep, the same Venus that governs Libra. Coincidentally, my son is a Taurus (with a Libra Moon & Libra Rising) and I can certainly vouch, they like nice things in every way: food, home, clothing, physical appearance/body, etc. When it comes to the finer things in life, Taurus is the sign that will make it happen due to its natural creative abilities. Another great trait the Taurean bull brings with it is self-preservation and energy conservation. It likes to assess whether something is worth its time and investment. Taurus mentality is all about “slow and steady wins the race”, breaking things down into simpler steps, then diligently moving forward. The full moon in easy-going Taurus, sun in powerful Scorpio union helps us to see where we should plant healthy & hearty seeds of intentions, watering them with intuitive insight, so that we may reap a bountiful harvest that brings us more pleasure in life.

For me, I’ve been intuitively guided to let go of certain roles, how I am in them, and/or shift how I see them. If there’s not an appreciated return, then there is little to no investment on my part. Examples in my life are: realizing that in order to have more pleasure, joy & freedom in my life, I have to allow others to live theirs. I cannot enable others and expect them to grow, and I am not honoring who I am by comparing myself to others. I am learning that I matter and gracefully putting myself first is not selfish, it’s self-preservation & energy conservation. I choose to enjoy the spoils of the material world in harmony and balance as I walk forward on my spiritual path. I am worthy of both spiritual and material wealth. Keyword for me: boundaries.


*Do you trust yourself in creating better? Can you believe you are that powerful? Or, are you holding onto negative past experiences, hindering your ability to trust in your own power again?

*Are you willing to step into your power, so that you can move through any emotional muddiness, and show up as the beautiful, abundant being you are?

*What is ready to be released so you can give birth to something better? Are you willing to let go? Why or why not?

*Have you felt guided to “clean up” certain areas of your life? If so, how can you break them into smaller steps, making your transformation process easier?

*In regards to love, what patterns, beliefs, hurts, etc. are you willing to release? Allow yourself to cry or grieve if necessary. Trust that your tears are simply purifying your inner heart and creating space for better.

*How can you love & honor yourself more? Do you practice self-care? Do you allow yourself to enjoy the pleasures of the material world? Or do you tend to neglect the physical world around you i.e. body, home, car, etc?

*How have you been feeling lately? What are your feelings trying to tell you?

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