Energy Report: New Moon in Scorpio

Woosahhhhh.....have you been feeling the deep emotional pull of the new moon in Scorpio this week? For some it's been quite a doozy, but remember we still have 3 planets in retrograde: Neptune who rules dreams, intuition and psychic abilities, Uranus who rules self-worth and personal freedom, and the “Wounded Healer” Chiron. This new moon in Scorpio window is Nov. 17-19, its exact point being 6:42am on Saturday the 18th. Fortunately, the universe knows what its doing and gave us some prep time before wading into this week's energies. A few days after stepping through the Ascension Gateway of 11/11, we were blessed to witness a divine celestial rendezvous between the planets Venus & Jupiter. This planetary tryst kicked off this week's theme of expanding our emotional awareness in order to release the ties that are weighing us down. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and partnership, dancing within the expanding presence of Jupiter gently took our hands as we began to dive deeper into the darker, emotional under currents of our feelings. Anchored within this transformational season of Scorpio, now is a good time to check in with our feelings, listen to our intuition and give ourselves permission to free our subconscious of any emotional scars, traumas, and expectations. Now is the time to align our hearts with a purified form of what we deserve to experience within the realm of love. 

Scorpio, a Water sign, represents power, emotions, intuition, and transformation through the power of death and rebirth. This is why it is associated with the Phoenix, the mythical bird that is destroyed, then reborn through its ashes representing emotional resilience and intelligence. Pettiness, blame, passive aggressiveness, and emotional projection occur when we are still in the infancy stages of the Phoenix, versus its mature state that sets it free. When we call upon the power of Scorpio, we can begin to transcend our past of feeling as if we’re drowning in emotions, and learn how to swim with the tide.

Quite often, when the topic of emotional healing comes up, another word is typically suggested: Forgiveness. But what is forgiveness? Notice if any resistance to this word comes up for you. Forgiveness is simply defined as the willingness to forgive. But in order to fully understand this concept, we must first understand that forgiveness is not about the other person. Forgiveness does not require the participation of another. It is not about being “right” or superior, or continuing to wear the victim role because it keeps you enabled and not responsible for the power that you innately possess. This denial of your power to forgive often lies deep within the ego-based subconscious mind as waiting for someone to say “thank you”. On the flip side, it could also suggest you may be holding on to old emotional baggage because you are still waiting to hear “I’m sorry”. In order to set your heart & soul free, are you willing to accept that you may never hear those words, from those you feel have hurt you? When left unresolved and buried in the scars of past wounds, this can be expressed in newer relationships as jealousy, envy, resentment, anger, control, and at its core foundation fear.

You may fear that you’re not good enough, or unworthy. You may feel that you will abuse your power, or have it taken away from you. But the truth is, regardless of your circumstances, you are good enough, worthy and powerful. You just have to choose to remember this. When you embrace that you’ve been through the deepest trenches of love’s battles, got the lame souvenir, but you’re willing to experience better, only then can you truly begin to be freer, lighter and more aligned with the Truth of Divine Love. Majority of our relationships stem from our parents and what we had to be or do in order to receive their love and affection. As you take an intuitive look at your life, did you feel as if you have to earn love? Do you feel that now? In my personal experience, my father always thought I was great, but was never really available. As I became aware of this, I saw that same pattern reflected in the men I dated as a teen and young adult; they thought I was a great person, "wifey" material, etc. but were unavailable in some way on multiple levels. Now, the man I have is not only my biggest fan, he is available on all levels, yet subconsciously, I will stir up drama here and there to “test” him cause the ego mind doesn’t understand. For my mother, I had to earn her praise and recognition to feel loved. She would compliment me, yet it was always followed by a “but” hence, this lead to feelings of unworthiness. Growing up, I would compare myself to other women at times, not feeling good enough.

Another experience I’ve shared publicly is a past relationship of physical abuse and sexual trauma years ago. This relationship met certain qualities on my “list” of what I wanted in a partner, yet the abusive part was unexpected. It’s taken me years to forgive myself for that manifestation, and reclaim my power to create better, but I had to. Not just for myself, but for my own peace of mind and heart. I knew I wasn’t expecting a “thank you” in my healing process. He told me that once after a physical altercation after I told him, through his eyes I could still see good in him, contrary to his actions, even if he couldn’t see it within himself. Based on his turbulent upbringing, he told me no one has ever said he was “good” by any means. For me, I recently had to let go of wanting to hear “I’m sorry”. When I came to this space, I felt a shift. No matter how far you’ve swam in the deep, dark waters of emotions and life experiences, I hold space that you too will reclaim your power and trust yourself to create better. May your heart be set free, and the blessings of the universe roll in ecstasy at your feet,  as you walk a new path in love.


*Who are you willing to “forgive” so that you can release any emotional ties that are binding you to your past?

*If you are still resistant, ask yourself why? How does playing the victim serve you, or does it?

*What expectations do you have for others in your life? Are you willing to let them go and set intentions for those relationships instead?

*In what ways are you afraid to be vulnerable and open up your heart more? Why?

*What fears are you using to stay disempowered in your ability to create better relationships and experiences moving forward? Are you afraid of commitment? Failure? Abandonment? Rejection? If so, why?

*Are you willing to intuitively acknowledge your emotional fears, and let them go? Why or why not?

*Are you still comfortable playing the victim in any area of your life? Are you resistant to forgive? If so, breathe and just observe. Trust that you will move forward when you’re truly ready, and if needed,  forgive yourself for any judgment or resistance. You are worthy.

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