Energy Report: Sun in Sagittarius, Full Moon in Gemini & Mercury Retrograde

Take a deep inhale. Release a slow, steady exhale. It's time to come up for a breath of fresh air with the playful and expansive powers of a full moon in the airy sign of Gemini, and the fiery passion of Sagittarius. The full moon in Gemini window is from December 2-4, its exact point being 10:47am EST on the 3rd. This powerful combination can help bring about dynamic change in your life, or at least, give you an opportunity to shift your perspective, and find creative ways to move forward. This shift in perspective can be a great tool as we also embrace Mercury in retrograde from Dec. 3rd until Dec. 22nd. Remember, sitting behind the scenes we still have Uranus, who rules self-worth and personal freedom, and Chiron the "Wounded Healer" in retrograde as well. What does all this mean? It's time to give your self permission to experience freedom on many levels.

Here's a breakdown of the basics when it comes to astrology and the zodiac as it pertains to what I've mentioned above. A full moon is a time for illumination, reflecting on a recent harvest that has come into fruition, or for darkness to come to light. It is a time to reflect on that which has been received, and that which needs to be released. In regards to the zodiac, each zodiac sign has an elemental quality such as Air, Water, Earth or Fire. The full moon is currently in the sign of Gemini, an Air sign, while the sun is in Sagittarius, a fire sign. Air brings about the winds of change, creativity, movement and ability to see things from a higher perspective. The element of fire represents transformation, passion & action. The sign of Gemini itself brings in fresh ideas and creative perspectives, while Sagittarius offers us expansion. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter so it's time to think big!

Now, let's talk retrogrades shall we? Many times when the word “retrograde” is uttered Mercury becomes Mr. Popular, and it's often projected with a fear of chaos and overwhelm. If you perceive this through the lens of fear and based on the Law of Attraction, this could be one’s reality during a planet's retrograde (Rx) motion however, when a planet is in retrograde, it simply means it appears to be moving backwards from a vantage point. Technically, it's all an illusion. To shift your perspective (wink wink), we are being given a chance to step back and rewrite our life's stories. Here’s an example of how going retrograde works: You’re driving on the highway and a car speeds past you. Unexpectedly, that same car begins slowing down as you now drive past them. For a moment, it will seem like the other car is moving backwards, although it actually wasn’t. When embraced as a time to go deeper into self-care, planetary retrogrades can easily serve as a time to reflect, re-prioritize, re-align and integrate.

So, since Mercury rules anything related to travel and communication (i.e. electronics, automobiles, computers, contracts, etc.) things in these areas may require more awareness, patience and intuitive guidance than usual. Self-worth and personal freedom become the focus while Uranus is in retrograde until January 2nd. Deep rooted, karmic and/or psychological fears may surface, giving you an opportunity to heal, and transmute these traumas. Chiron, a “minor planet”, known as the Wounded Healer offers a period of healing our deepest, darkest wounds. Self-care is advised in order to combat any feelings of self-pity, doubt and insecurities. Trauma from past lives may also come to light for healing. When faced head-on, Chiron in Rx until Dec. 10th can bring forth some of the most profound experiences of healing.

With the brilliance of the Gemini full moon, three planets in Rx, and the optimistic nature of Sagittarius, now is a good time to dig deep, uproot, and give ourselves permission to fully bloom where we are planted: in presence, truth, and awareness. You are a limitless being. And now is the time to explore the gamut of possibilities that lie within you.


*In what areas of your life do you feel stuck? During this full moon window, journal or meditate on creative ways you can become "unstuck", even if it means playing pretend or doing creative visualization techniques for just a few minutes.

*What areas in your life can use more playfulness, self expression, or optimism to shift your perspective of things?

*What would it feel like to let go of any heavy burdens, expectations, obligations in order to feel spiritually, mentally and emotionally freer?

*Without judgment, on a scale of 0 to 100%, what is the first number that comes to mind when asked, how free do you feel in life right now? And just breathe. Allow that intuitive feedback to guide you in any actions steps to move forward freer and lighter from here.

* How can you add more joy, pleasure, and overall happiness in your life? Can you give yourself that permission to go for it? You are more than worthy. Trust yourself.

*How can you find amusement in any current situation to "lighten the load" or vibrations? You'll be surprised at how laughter truly is the best medicine.

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