Energy Report: New Moon in Capricorn

Many people set intentions in the humble beginnings of a new year. To assist in your creations, the new moon in Capricorn offers fertile soil in which to plant these new year intentions, so that you may fully reap what you sow during this time. The Capricorn new moon window is January 15th until the 17th, it’s exact point on the 16th at 9:17pm. Capricorn is an Earth sign, and just like Mother Earth, she provides stability, security and a chance to focus on the details of your physical/material world. It’s time to create structure so that you may keep both feet on the ground as you walk a new path.

The new moon is considered the first phase of a lunar cycle, and is not visible to the naked eye. It appears to be hidden as it sits between the sun and Earth, no longer reflecting its light like when it's full . Since the new moon sets the foundation for the next 28 days, this is a good time to put your wishes and desires out into the universe, and see what begins to sprout following. And, just like any seed once planted, our seeds of intent require consistent nurturing and trust that something is still germinating under the surface whether we see it yet or not. This is why working with both the solar and lunar calendar is important. Both offer us opportunities of rebirth and renewal; however the moon having shorter cycles disciplines us in working with the rhythms of nature more frequently. This, is how one learns to live more “in the flow” to speak.

Speaking of living in the flow, there are also no planets in retrograde this month. The past few months of 2017 had several in rotation, providing a bed of retrospect and clarity in areas that are ready to shift in our lives, so that we can have more grace in the growing season ahead. The tail-end of last year focused on yielding more self-love and personal transformation by releasing us of deeply buried, subconscious patterns and programming. With the Sun (power), Mercury (communication/transportation/technology), Venus (love/relationships/balance), Saturn (reality checks/order) and Pluto (personal transformation) plowing their way through Capricorn season, the creative and meticulous energies of this bouquet can help you prune your wealth garden with the touch of a green thumb so to speak.

With this new moon being the first of 2018, it is a time to honor what’s ready to bloom from within. Practicality is key. What budding ideas need to be cultivated? Capricorn takes pride in paying attention to details and creating practical steps in getting things done. If you find that you’re “in the weeds”, now is the time to uproot any self-sabotaging habits and anything else that does not serve you by taking responsibility as the Creator you are through self-control, diligence and perseverance. Capricorn (and Mother Earth) understands the beauty of taking one step at a time in order to progress and flourish. Think “slow and steady wins the race” as you build your garden of wealth for this year. Take time to think about what it is that you want to gather in the months ahead, then plot the outline and clear what needs to be weeded out. You may have to get your hands a little dirty as you dig deeper into aspects of yourself that need to be nourished and fertilized. You may need to look around at your life and rearrange a few things as well. Call this “crop rotation” since not everything is meant to mature or flower at the same time. Allow any self-doubt or insecurities to fall away; perhaps shifting your perspective to compost any negative inner dialogue into something better. You will soon witness your desires coming into fruition. Like most things in nature there is a period of dormancy before the buds of those seeds begin to fully develop, so give yourself some room to grow. Breathe. Trust in your potential. And if you find yourself being challenged remember, the most fertile soil is manure, aka “shit”. Yep, trust in your potential, even if it feels like you’re going through some shit and hopefully you will bloom where you are planted, not in shit per se, but a place of high-yielding crops filled with riches. Intend to make a lovely bed of possibilities, and then lie in the beauty that is life itself.


* If you were to visualize your life as a garden right now, what would it look like? Go with the first thing you see as feedback. What does this image mean to you?

*What areas need more structure or organization? How can you break them down into smaller steps?

*Are there any loose ends that still need to be handled? Are you willing to take inspired action on them? Why or why not?

*What goals and dreams do you have for yourself this year, and how can you make consistent, conscious efforts to bring them into form?

*What things can be planned ahead of time (perhaps written down in a journal or planner), so that you can free yourself up for more creativity and inspiration to nurture your intentions throughout this year?

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