Energy Report: Sun in Pisces, Full Moon in Virgo

Feeling a bit mystical lately? Perhaps the virtuous pull of a Virgo full moon hanging over the magical waters of Pisces has you under her spell too? The full moon window is from Wednesday, February 28 until Friday, March 2nd. It’s exact point being March 1st at 7:51pm EST. And as lovely as it may be to float along in Dreamland, it’s time to wake up, get your hands a little dirty, and play in the dirt again. The energies of the Virgo full moon is offering you grounded practicality, so now is the time to check in with your intuition and tend to the needs of any area of life, business or personal.

A full moon can serve as a time to go deeper, bringing light to dark. Discern what serves you and what doesn't at your current stage in life. The sign of Virgo is ruled by the element of Earth which represents fertility, strength, wisdom, and abundance within our physical/material world. Use this full moon in Virgo to weed out the old, as you create space for the fruition of things to come. How can you use the supportive energies of Earth wisely, wherever you are in your creation process? What grounded steps can you make in bringing your desires to life? Remember to prioritize, as everything has its season to bloom.

The Sun represents identity and individuality. Pisces, the most expanded Water sign, brings deep connection to the collective and the Divine. It is the spiritual seeker. With the sun currently anchored in the sign of Pisces until March 20th, during this full moon use your imagination to fish for ways you can expand personally or in business to be of service. Allow your sensitivity to lead you in the right direction. You may find during this time you are drawn to go deeper into your spirituality, purpose and how you can be of greater service to humanity. Pisces has much to do with sensitivity to innate wisdom, how you impact other people, and the mysterious, unseen forces that shape our world.


*How can you organize, plan and/or refine action steps needed in your personal or business life?

*Can you give yourself permission to sail steadily in the direction of your dreams? Design a map on how you can achieve it.

*In what areas of our life can you tie-up loose ends? Are there projects that need to be released, revisited, or completed?

*What priorities need tending to? What needs to be nurtured?

*What insight, repetitive thoughts, or dreams have you noticed? How can you honor them?

*How can you be of greater service to those around you? Do you have a platform that could use some investment, refining or restructuring?

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