Energy Report: Gemini New Moon

The creative and imaginative energies of this new moon are here to help inspire and uplift! This can help you breathe fresh air into stagnant areas of your life! The new moon in Gemini window is June 12th-14th, 2018. It’s exact point at 3:43pm EST June 13th. The zodiac sign of Gemini is represented by the Twins, and this duality can help you see the other side of things, expand your viewpoint, and help shift your perspective to shift your reality. Now is the time to finally get out of your own way, and be the change you wish to see in your own life.

A new moon in an air sign such as Gemini can be a great time to learn new things, transcend thoughts and beliefs through Intent, Imagination and Intuition. Air can also inspire you to move in unconventional ways, and/or receive innovative ideas. Because Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury (technology, travel & communication), this is an opportunity to work on improving your technical and communication skills, have fun and make travel plans.

The element of Air can expand your mental capacity when you have various aspects of a creation you’re currently working on, and trying to bring together. But, try not to overwhelm yourself with too many ideas. Brainstorm several ideas. Then, narrow them down. Prioritize them. Gemini also likes to enjoy life so lighten up! Feel free to express yourself creatively. Laugh, and get some fresh air.

A few other things to consider during this new moon window:

  1. The Gemini new moon is a Supermoon! But, because it’s in a Dark Moon phase, the moon isn’t visible to the naked eye. The new moon serves as an initiation, and this one marks the first of three Supermoons in a row this summer!

  2. There are planets in retrograde (Rx).

  3. Jupiter’s in Rx until July 10th. This is a good time to review your belief systems, visions, ideals, and mentality, since Jupiter rules the Higher Mind, abundance, and expansion of Self. Gemini can help you to “think outside the box”, or learn to see things a different way.

  4. Saturn, the Karmic Ruler, is Rx until September 6th. Saturn rules boundaries, structure, discipline, and of course, karma. When Saturn is Rx, it’s a good time to revisit relationships, restructure your life, find a new attitude, and diligence to work on long-term goals. Call upon the guidance of Gemini to help you find balance, creativity, and childlike enthusiasm as you work on your personal/business goals.

  5. When Pluto is in Rx, it is the time to reflect on how we handle change and transformation. Pluto will be in Rx until September 30th. So, with this awareness, perhaps it’s time to bring optimistic Gemini energy in to play, making this next phase an exciting, joyous adventure.


*What inspiration have you received lately? Start taking action on them and see what happens!

*When using your feelings as feedback, how can you shift feelings like anxiety to excitement? Uncertainty to trust? Caution to curiosity? No need to be stuck in heavy emotions. Learn to let go and give yourself some breathing room.

*How can you show gratitude and enjoy life more?

*In what ways can you improve your communication to others, yourself and Spirit?

*Are you ready to express your most authentic self? Call upon Gemini to assist you in creative expression, and ideas to support your intentions.

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