Energy Report: Capricorn Full Moon

With the full moon in earthy Capricorn, and the sun in sensitive Cancer, now is a good time to take practical steps in nurturing yourself, and the world around you. Capricorn pays attention to the details, plans & builds on a firm foundation. Cancer finds comfort in being nurturing to one’s needs. Together, they can help you strategize ways to enhance your self-care routine, so that you can be more present to the needs of others. But remember, nurturing must first begin on a personal level. The Capricorn full moon window is June 27th-29th. It's exact point is at 12:53am on the 28th. During this time be sure to fill your cup before you fill others. Allow yourself to fully receive, so that you can pour this goodness into others without sacrificing yourself.

Next, look at how you nurture your immediate family, friends, colleagues, and business. Capricorn can help you see where it’s time to take on greater responsibility, and where you might be taking on too much responsibility. And although Cancer loves to be the caregiver & nurturer, the two energies combined can teach you to find balance, and nurture others by empowering them to take responsibility for themselves. In other words, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll feed himself for a lifetime.”

Finally, this duo of practicality and tender loving care can help you look at your role in a larger context, not only to the planet, but for generations to come. This window provides a wonderful time to tune in and see how you can make a difference in the world. Take in the light of this full moon so that you can shine brighter as an integral part of the collective by making a significant contribution, even if it’s just energetically.

On each of these levels, Capricorn can help you make solid steps towards responsible nurturing. Cancer can help you follow your intuition. Start with taking care of your own needs. Then, honor those around you by appreciating someone who has taught you to fish for yourself. Globally, how can you take at least one solid step towards nurturing humanity during this full moon window?


*What do you need to feel more loved, abundant & cared for?

*How can you nurture yourself more? What needs are/are not being met?

*How can you show gratitude to the teachers in your life? Or those who have been there to provide you a stable foundation when needed?

*Meditate, spend time in the light of the full moon and send that love & light into the world.

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