Energy Report: Cancer New Moon & Supermoon Partial Solar Eclipse

If reading the name of this post was overwhelming, just know that it may be indicative of what may be going on emotionally for some as well. This new moon window in the sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer is July 11-13. It’s exact point falls on July 12th at 10:48pm, at which point this Supermoon shifts into alignment between the sun and Earth, causing a partial solar eclipse.

The new moon energy is typically more subtle than that of a full moon, and serves as a time to set intentions. However, this new moon in Cancer may be particularly intense considering solar eclipses deal with the ego, and combining it with Cancer shifts our focus to how our ego and emotions intertwine. The moon represents your subconscious self. The sun represents the ego. During a solar eclipse, you may find your subconscious “stuff” takes front and center. A Supermoon amplifies that of the subconscious aspects of self. Old, yucky emotions may rise to the surface, and before you know it you’re carried away, trying to swim through them and keep yourself afloat. But, because Cancer is ruled by water, and the element of water rules intuition and emotions, be gentle with yourself as you ride the ebb and flow of your emotional tides. Listen to and honor your intuition as a compass on how to move forward with more ease.

Like the ocean, the worst thing you can do when caught in a tide is fight against it. Our natural inclination is to survive, but the ocean has its own set of rules. It is only in our surrendering that we can allow ourselves to be taken under, regain our strength until the tide passes, and finally swim to the surface. This, of course is simply a metaphor for dealing with our emotions, as well as how to heal. The more we can acknowledge, recognize, accept and surrender to what we are feeling, the deeper we can look at what is being blocked by darkness, and find the light once again. Your power lies in how deep you are willing to look to find the treasures these emotions offer. And with 5 planets in retrograde, the universe is giving you several opportunities to pause and reflect, assisting you in having a future with more freedom, and less emotional ties to your past.

Now is the time to lose yourself in order to find yourself. Deconstruct and re-create. Be mindful and nurture yourself as your own best friend. You, more than anyone else in this world deserve your love and affection. You deserve emotional freedom.


*What feedback are your emotions/feelings offering you?

*What steps (if needed) can you take to nurture and heal them?

*How can you adjust your self-care to feel more loved and cared for?

*Who/what can you forgive in order to feel emotionally lighter?

*What emotional baggage are you holding onto, ready to be released so that you can receive better?

*Journal. Meditate. Pray.

*Spend time outdoors and/or near a body of water.

*Intentionally bless your water before drinking to honor the element of water and its ability to cleanse, purify, heal and flow.

*Go with the flow of your emotions. See where they lead you so that you can truly heal.

*Cry as much as needed. Tears are how you purify yourself emotionally from the inside out.

*What areas of your life feel depleted & need some extra TLC?

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