Energy Report: Aquarius Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse

Welp, there’s a good bit to cover in this blog so let’s get started shall we? Now, if you’ve been feeling a bit here and there lately there’s plenty of reasons why if you’re looking to blame someone or something. However, just remember, you have the divine gift of free will. Although there are many astrological influences happening at this time, it is YOU who chooses how you move through it. With awareness comes the opportunity to acknowledge, accept, step back and set an intention. What is your intention for yourself at this time?

The full moon window begins Thursday, July 26th until Saturday, July 28th. It’s exact point on Friday, the 27th at 4:20pm EST. The Total Lunar Eclipse begins just a couple minutes after at 4:22pm EST. Retrogrades have been slowly accumulating since March. When a planet is in retrograde, the qualities it governs take a backseat, in order to readjust for smoother sailing ahead. Currently, there are six planets in retrograde: Saturn (structure & boundaries), Pluto (transformation & power), Neptune (intuition & dreams), Mars (action & passion), Chiron (deeply buried hurts & trauma), and last but certainly not least there’s Mercury (communication, technology & travel).

Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is also known as the “teacher”, as she teaches us to be mindful of our emotions (energy-in-motion). Aquarius, an air sign represents the mental realm, communication and creativity. She gives us an expanded view point on how we look at things. Our emotions (water element) brings us the wisdom hidden in our emotions. I tell students often to use their emotions/feelings as feedback. With this full moon occurring during a lunar eclipse, now is the time to pause, reflect and release the shadowy emotions that have been keeping us from fully stepping into the light. These shadows can come in many forms such as blame, guilt, procrastination, shame, self-sabotage and more.

A lunar eclipse versus a solar eclipse means the Earth has been positioned between the moon and Sun. Therefore, the light of the full moon is not visible. The moon represents our subconscious, how we instinctively react to things and who we are behind closed doors. It also represents emotions, which is why many feel the pull of a full moon like the ocean is pulled by her as well. Both, your body and Earth are made of 70% water. This is why you may feel the effects of a full moon, whether you believe in all this “new age” stuff or not.

Although the full moon is typically a time to reflect on what’s come into completion, the intense alignment between the Sun in Leo (power), Moon in Aquarius (free spirit & nonconforming), Eclipses (cutting ties) and six planets in retrograde (reflection & healing) suggest that now would be a good time slow down, breathe and re-assess before acting. The Full moon in Aquarius (air) combined with the Sun in Leo (fire) creates an opportunity to connect to outside-the-box ideas and leadership from a place of confidence and courage.

From an elemental perspective, air ushers in the creative ideas, while fire lights you up to take action. If you let these new ideas sit around too long they become stale and eventually the fire goes out. But that’s okay too! Tap into your imagination and creativity. Fuel your passions and desires by taking center stage of your life and add fuel where you need it! This dynamic duo loves to be on the move and get things done. That may not make much sense however since retrograde periods are a time to step back. So step back! Reevaluate how you can take intuitively guided, and inspired action allowing yourself to be seen and heard for your strengths, talents and leadership qualities. When the time is right, you will be propelled forwards with more energy, clarity and grace.


*Brainstorm new ideas for a fresh perspective on things.

*Be open to innovative ideas on how to move forward in your creations.

*Tap into your intuition and where you need to fire up your passions.

*Bring movement into your life by decluttering, dancing or releasing what no longer serves you.

*Think of ways you can creatively express your most authentic self & plan or take action on them.

*Step up your leadership abilities. Take classes or learn new things if needed.

*Redefine how you choose to show up in the world. How can you expand your presence?

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