"Love, Mom"

For years I've noticed certain themes would flow through my week. These themes mostly come from my weekly women’s meditation on Monday night, but also from my healing practice as an energy and bodywork specialist over the past 13 years. I’ve started using the label “Energy & Bodywork Specialist” because that’s indeed what I do using multiple modalities. My most often used modalities include Reiki, massage therapy, reflexology, acupressure and psychic readings.

This past week began with my mother having a staycation wrapping around from the previous weekend, and ending on the evening of the 4th of July. She initially wanted to go out-of-town. Her second option was the Yellow River Park in Stone Mountain, GA. But, we ended up going to a local concert and fireworks display in a nearby park. I decided to take the evening off from hosting Monday night’s women’s meditation in order to relax and focus on time spent with my mom. I still felt “in the flow” of celebrating the Divine Feminine, as we listened to the band play songs like “Ladies Night” and “American Woman”, watching fireworks light up the night sky.

Eventually, she wanted to leave in order to beat the crowd and get to the car. What prompted this was feeling sprinkles of rain, which then turned into a downpour. I asked my mother if she wanted to wait it out under a gazebo. But, if it’s one thing you’re not about to do is tell this little, fiery Korean woman what she's gonna do. She’s a Sagittarius. I know, enough said lol. And so we walked, soaking wet the ½ mile back to the car. That was the longest walk ever, but it was so freeing. My first time ever walking in the rain, thanks to my mother who said this was something she’d never forget. And to think, I was initially against the idea, but decided to “go with the flow”. Hello, Cancer Season and the element of water. You washed over me, showered me in your cleansing essence, deepened my relationship with Mother Nature and my own free-spirited Mother. Thank you.

The theme throughout the rest of the week was filled with emotional highs and lows. On Tuesday, I held sacred space for two women. One was grieving a close loss. Her loved one came through via mediumship with loving messages from the other side. They were well, and from what I could tell, they had ascended with ease. We were able to gain more insight and details around this loss to help her lighten the load one can carry while grieving. The other was called to hold space for a grieving friend who had lost her mother. Holding space while a loved one grieves can be pretty heavy in its own right. Both clients received Reiki treatments, helping them to feel lighter during their process of grieving with grace as I like to call it.

The grace is allowing yourself to release judgments and expectations on how one should grieve, what grief should look like or how long the process should be. It can be hard to “Grieve with Grace” depending on other responsibilities around you such as work, family, etc. Oftentimes, I notice grief comes with shame and guilt. People feel guilty for crying, being angry, or uncertain. They may feel regretful or simply in shock and traumatized depending on the circumstance. People may feel shame for these emotions if they’re not allowed to feel them, or feel weak for even expressing them. I’m here to tell you, your feelings are valid. Crying is cleansing. Like the rain, it washes away the old and nurtures what’s ready to grow. If this Cancer Season has you in your feelings, flow with them. See where they take you. No expectations, just observations. In the deepest, darkest of emotions you may find a key to unlock the treasures and pearls of wisdom they hold. Just keep swimming.

The next day, a client came in seeking insight on her life purpose, relationships and other personal situations. She mentioned being emotionally detached due to past traumas, and I shared with her my experience as a psychic that being “emotionally detached” is quite literal from an energetic perspective. When we’ve experienced certain things in life, it can cause us to question ourselves and how we relate to others. We allow the hurt, pain, disappointments, shame, etc to disempower us and it can be hard to trust others as well as ourselves. "Others" can include Spirit. This inner power struggle or "tug-of-war" can be tied to our solar plexus, the space between the lower ribs and belly button. I say “tied” because from this power center that holds our autonomy and identity, there is a cord that is tethered to our emotional body. This silver cord can become lax the more we give our power away or have it taken from us, and eventually our emotional body is no longer centered around us. It is a bit off, further away from us therefore being “detached”.

As I balanced her body’s energetic centers aka "chakras", we brought her power back to her, only to realize this detachment was a way of her protecting her inner child. It was as if she was both the Mother and the little girl she had to protect. Although she was a mama bear, fierce and protective in theory, I thought it was also quite a revolutionary act. To me, she loved herself so much she chose not to share this pure, untouched, sweet and loving little girl inside to just anyone anymore. To that little girl, love was healing and nourishing. She couldn’t understand why others, mostly the men that had passed through her life, didn’t understand that. So, she was in hiding. The little girl was being held behind the Mother aspect of this woman that forbade anything to ever happen to that little girl again. Once again, hello instinctual, protective, tenacious, motherly vibes of Cancer Season. Tough on the outside, soft and vulnerable on the inside.

The Divine Mother showed herself the remaining days of the week. I had a client receive reflexology and acupressure treatments to induce labor. She’s been coming to see me for a prenatal massage every month throughout her pregnancy, and at 39 weeks, she was ready to release. It’s hard to describe what I’m feeling, but it’s nothing short of honor. To serve as a “massage midwife” is so beautiful and it brings me such humility for a woman to trust me with her mind, body, heart and developing baby. I feel like an auntie everytime a client gives birth! I’ve been doing fertility, pre-/post-natal massage and energetic support for expectant mothers for several years, and the process truly is a miracle.

Friday, I had a client booked for prenatal. The only thing is she was 11 weeks pregnant. She didn’t think she needed to book a Maternity massage service because she wasn’t showing, but unfortunately it is a contraindication to receive certain bodywork services such as massage therapy, foot massage/reflexology, acupressure, etc within the first trimester. The first trimester is considered the most crucial due to the baby's development. The embryo/fetus is developing its body structure and organ systems during this time. Majority of miscarriages and birth defects happen during this period. A woman’s body is also undergoing major changes whether she knows she’s pregnant or not. After educating her on this, she rescheduled for a week later since she’ll officially be at 12 weeks and beginning her second trimester, in which case prenatal massage is indicated for a healthy pregancy, pain management and more until delivery. Postnatal massage occurs within the 4th trimester, the first 12 weeks postpartum.

The next day, a regular client came to see me. She informed me that she wasn’t comfortable lying prone (on her stomach) due to a recent miscarriage. She said it was a surprise because she didn’t even know she was pregnant. After excusing myself in case she felt I was overstepping boundaries, I asked if I could share my personal insight as an experienced psychic medium within the realm of “Spirit Babies”. She gave me consent to continue.

I shared with her what I know from past mediumship readings, assisted fertility, and induction services. I’ve found that miscarriages can be the result of unresolved, unhealed suppressed energy. This can be in the form of trauma but not always so. Not every woman that has had a miscarriage has been abused, sexually or otherwise. Emotions that correspond to a woman’s body, her sexuality and emotional wellbeing are often held in this space, her sacred, and sometimes scared womb. I’ve been enlightened through my practice that this “baby-being” comes in to clear karma on behalf of the mother, but also to clear energetic blocks for possible future “siblings”. This does not necessarily mean the more miscarriages the more trauma, karma or blocks a woman’s body is holding. There are other reasons depending on the individual female.

After sharing this insight she thanked me and said she appreciated the feedback. It helped her to feel better, lighter and more optimistic about the miscarriage, and her potential for future pregnancy. This is why the work I do is so fulfilling. Being a professional, experienced, hands-on healer is such a rewarding path. I continue to look forward to how and when the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine shows and grows through me and the women that come into my life. With that being said, I’m looking forward to leading yet another women’s meditation tonight. I look forward to it every Monday. Have been for the past 10 years. It’s been a saving grace at times for myself, and the women who show up. If you’d like to join me, click here. For Fertility or Maternity massage services in the Atlanta, Ga area, click here.

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