"I love attending Kisha's meditations: through her intuitive gifts, she empowers and inspires women to connect to the Goddess within. I learn something helpful about myself and energy every time I go!" H.W.



"The first time I attended Kisha’s guided meditation group I felt like I finally found my tribe. I was immediately greeted by a very welcoming, down to earth and comical Kisha. I was nervous about attending because it was something new but, I was so happy I did by the end of my first session. Every time I have been to mediation with Kisha I have had a relaxing and insightful experience. All of Kisha’s readings have been exactly what I needed to hear at the right time-it’s like she can sense exactly what I need to be reminded of for motivation that week. She’s like your own personal spiritual cheerleader! Thank you Kisha for being awesome!" N. J.



"I started learning about the tools for one reason and it was to learn how to be around any type of energy and still be able to have a positive and focused journey. Little did I know that these tools would become the door to a new world of possibilities. I knew there were ways to focus on things and make them a reality. But these tools have helped me to be in a better mindset to make them become a reality. Learning how to get rid of past beliefs, negative thoughts and other people's opinions I have come to manifest a car that I've been wanting for a long time, in a matter of days. I am beyond amazed of how easy it was and how good it feels just to feel in a better place no matter what I'm surrounded with. I can be at ease at work, while driving or doing things that usually made me very stressed. I'm very grateful for learning about these tools. And Kisha makes learning so much easier and comfortable. I wish everyone knew about this." M.F.

"Everything Kisha said to me was spot on. I'm super impressed with her ability to reset me and tell me some really amazing insights about myself. She's totally legit. Check her out." T.M.

"Kisha Lee is the absolute best reader and healer. She's compassionate and truly cares for the well-being of others. I have complete trust in her readings and healings. Thank you so much, Kisha Lee!" J.S.

"She really did help me with the situation at hand." L.O.

"Kisha is divinely gifted! Words will not do the reading/healing I received justice. Kisha is on point with information and validated so many areas of my life. Kisha you helped me with what I had been struggling to pinpoint and to put into words, you have forever changed my life. I am beyond grateful. Thank you thank you thank you!" M.M.

"Kisha is a natural at guiding students through the use of energy tools. She fosters an environment of learning and exploration, which makes these lessons fun. My life is forever changed after taking the Fundamentals and Next Level Tools courses. Learning how to get grounded, properly set intentions, and change the energy of a space -- these have been the biggest game changers for me. The collection of energy tools have helped me to improve my work/life balance, relationships with family and co-workers, my general attitude day in and out, but most importantly, I have gained a greater spiritual connection with the Universe, which is priceless!" C.S.

"I had no idea how to protect myself from negative energy or remove negative energy from my goals. I learned so much from the 1 & 2 level classes. I am using the tools you taught me everyday. I am so glad I took this [Fundamenatl Energy Tools] class. This one is my favorite among all the classes I have taken. It is packed with practical tools to improve my life." E.Y.

"[Fundamental Energy Tools] completely changed my thought process and has helped me find a sense of calm, a sense of peace. It is such a shift, others have noticed. I loved it and can't wait for level two!" C.C.

"I liked [the Rose Reading] class a lot. I use it, along with tools from Level 1 and 2 a good bit. I enjoy the classes and love your energy Kisha!" S.G.

"Love this class [Fundamental Energy Tools]! I use my grounding, energy running, gold sun etc... almost every day and it grounds me! I loved the schedule breaking this up into 4 sessions on a week night. That was the perfect ending to a long day..." S.G.

"I went into the class with no expectations and I was surprised at how much I got out of it. The way I get centered and grounded has forever changed because of the material taught in this class. I thoroughly enjoyed the group environment and the sharing that we did, which gave me more perspective on all of the teaching elements that you covered in the class. I recommend [Fundamental Energy Tools] to people all the time :)" C.S.

"I received more enlightenment [in Next Level Energy Tools], building off of the last class. What I liked about this class was that it built on the fundamentals, which I was eager to learn more." C.S.

"I enjoyed being enlightened on the chakras subject matter [in the Chakra Recalibration class]. I truly enjoyed learning from Kisha and the group environment helped me see how things were similar/different between my experiences and others' experiences." C.S.

"Enlightened me and connected me to things I knew about but not well enough to guide successfully. Just took level 2 yesterday...excited for more!" A.S.

"[The Next Level Tools] has made a noticeable difference in my energy levels, has reduced my stress and allowed me to separate myself from drama or conflict. I appreciate how [Kisha] always relate things back to real life examples. It makes it so much easier to understand and conceptualize how the tools can work in the every day world." C.C.

"This class has taught me to recognize the power I hold within myself. I feel more free and uplifted with my gifts and tools being guided by someone who understands the reactions and the very human thoughts we have. Fundamental Energy Tools has taught me so much about myself and who I am in this universe. I feel like it’s a rest stop for spiritual beings to be reminded who we are. I can walk headstrong now with love in my heart and the self validation that I am indeed a person with a purpose. I have spiritual confidence, and a highly innate understanding of self and spirit. I can see and the outer ways of the world more and connect that to earth." J.W.

"The Fundamentals class has given me real tools to use to protect and direct my energy." T.C